Declaration by The National Council of Religious Communities in Bulgaria

We, the members of the National Council of Religious Communities in Bulgaria (NCRCB), strongly condemn the heinous attaks, committed in Paris, last Friday, 13 November, 2015.

We deeply emphatize with our friends – the people of France, and join in prayer for the victims and their families.

According to all religions, the greatest of all sins is the murder of innocent people.

Therefore, being thoroughly in one accord and with one voice we stand against the intention and attempts of a group of fanatics and terorists, who hiding behind a religious mask, commit atrocities, thus placing a heavy stigma upon the authentic followers of Islam.

We, the representatives of NCRCB, every day work for the removal of prejudices from our relationships and for the sharing in common causes – such as peace, justice and humanity, – causes, which in the name of the common good, bring together people with different religious convictions.

These are the values of the civilized world, which values are incompatible with any form of violence against innocent and defenceless people.